Announcement:  As of October 2015, Colvin IP's legal practice has been merged into that of Eaton & Van Winkle LLP, a full-service law firm with nearly 200 years of history, and deeply experienced attorneys in many practice areas, including IP Law, Business Litigation, Corporate Law, Mergers & Acquisitions, Private Equity / Venture Capital Advisory, Class Action Defense, Real Estate Law, Employment Law, Securities Law, Tax Law, Wills Trusts & Estates, Private Client Services, International Law, Antitrust Law and Admiralty Law, among others.

Chris Colvin is one of the leading IP attorneys and commercial litigators in the United States.  Chris has successfully handled dozens of IP and commercial litigation trials and appeals, including several landmark patent, trademark, copyright and false advertising cases.  Chris also has one of the country's leading IP prosecution practices, helping clients of all sizes in all industries to protect their innovations and their brands before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Chris is committed to delivering the best customer service and value.  In his legal practice, Chris leverages technology, legal support specialists, and alternative business practices that enhance the value of his services. As such, Chris' practice model ensures the most effective representation of his clients, while enabling him to deliver outstanding results.

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We believe that, for most if not all matters, the ideal law firm structure retains a core group of deeply experienced IP attorneys, while leveraging new technologies, specialized service providers and alternative fee structures to more closely align the firm's incentives with clients' business objectives.

Chris Colvin / Partner